Bicycle lane Monument to Colon Barcelona

The city council of Barcelona counts on many of ours lane defenders to delimitate the bicycle lanes which were installed in the roundabout of the Monument to Colón, near to the port of Barcelona.

For the roundabout they choose the lane defender model Tigre, which offers a great visibility and allows a perfect adaptation to the curved track of the street.

For the straight one they opted for the model Mompe, which better fits to the linear tracks.

Lane defenders Monument to Colon Barcelona

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Cycle lane defender Tigre model designed for cyclists

The continuous awareness of the big cities of increasing the number of bike paths, in order to offer their inhabitants the possibility of moving respecting the surrounding environment, has encouraged us to invest in the research and development of a new road lane separator.

It is a new cycle lane defender designed for cyclists which offers a great visibility, thus allowing cyclists a safe circulation.

It also allows adaptation to any type of urban road and it can be easily installed in various positions by using 3 metal screws.

New patented model Road lane separator Tigre




















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