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Ado Urban Furniture SL
Street furniture and Road Signaling
Designed, engineered and manufactured
in Barcelona by Ado urban Furniture
Ado Urban Furniture SL
Manufactured in barcelona
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    General sales conditions validity. This General sales conditions supersedes the previous one and will be applied to all product orders of Ado Urban Furniture, S.L. (hereinafter: ADO). The following General sales conditions governs all ADO’s sales to the Customer/Buyer. It is part of the sales contract and supersedes any contrary term or agreement in the order or in any other Customer’s documents. Information contained in catalogues or any advertising material is merely indicative and can be changed at any time by ADO.


    Orders. All orders are subject to “availability and price list changes.” ADO reserves the right to accept or reject all or part of Customer’s orders, according to their conformity to the general conditions and the products availability. ADO also reserves the right to make technical changes to any product, at any time. The Buyer cannot cancel orders entirely or in part after 10 days from sent date; in case of cancellation beyond this deadline, ADO will be entitled to compensation for the full amount. When installation is included, if it couldn’t be done for reasons beyond ADO’s control, works will be billed but not the installation. Works of masonry, scaffolding installation, support staff, electricians, electrical connections, painting, unloading, materials movements on site, building permission, old doors removal on site, debris removal or any other work not specified in the Offer will not be included. All documentation required by the Customer either administrative or material certificates, must be requested before the Offer acceptance, never after the material supply or after work termination. Any order sent by the Customer is subjected to acceptance by our Risk Department which can accept or reject the order according to the Customer report. Therefore, the Customer cannot claim compensation for the delay caused in obtaining this report.


    Prices. ADO sells products to Customers at the offered prices with delivery in our factory, unless otherwise stated in a written agreement between ADO and the Buyer.


    Delivery. All products are delivered in our factory, establishment of ADO, Badalona, Barcelona. The obligation to deliver the goods is met with their delivery to the transportation company, in case this service is agreed on. ADO is relieved of the obligation to deliver the goods in all scenarios of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, strikes, or failure to supply raw materials or other product unavailability.


    Shipments. The goods travel at the risks and danger of the Buyer. Possible loss, theft or damage of the goods will not relieve the Buyer from his obligation to pay for the goods, as long as ADO has successfully delivered the goods to the transport company in the establishment of ADO. Goods are not covered by insurance policy, unless the Buyer expressly asked for it, at his expenses.


    Goods collection. The Buyer is obliged to collect the goods as soon as he receives the availability notice. In case of delay in doing so, ADO has the right (in addition to be entitled to full payment of the price) to request reimbursement of storage and custody costs of the goods, without prejudice to the possibility to claim damages. ADO is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise due to the deposit of goods not collected or collected with delay in ADO’s stores as in those of the transportation company.


    Guarantee. ADO guarantees its products, branded “ADO”, against defects in materials and workmanship under installation, use conditions and limits set by ADO. ADO will not be held liable if the products are connected, associated or interconnected with other products not delivered by ADO. The Buyer must install only ADO products associated with other ADO products. If not, the warranty expires.

    ADO is not responsible if use and mounting instructions as well as electrical codes or other specifications in effect at the time of installation are not correctly followed, or whether the accessories, the electrical and mechanical components of ADO are installed, used or connected without regard to schemes and to the types of connections for which they were intended. Also, ADO will not be held liable for use or application of products for purposes not appropriate for the type, capacity and product range of ADO. For more products not covered by warranty, ADO provides a support service for the repair of equipment, for which the Buyer will be charged.
    For products that cannot be repaired, ADO, at its discretion without question, can replace the corresponding price charged to the Buyer. All the costs connected to shipping or picking up of the goods are at the Buyer’s expense. ADO will never bear any transportation costs and reserves the right to collaborate with any transportation company to carry out the shipping or pickup of merchandise.


    Complaints and liability. ADO assumes no responsibility for errors, damages, or theft after delivery to the Buyer. ADO reserves the right to accept or not the returns of the material supplied, when requested by the Buyer. Provided that the material is in perfect condition and has not been discontinued, the Buyer will be charged to the costs of handling. Any claim for the material provided shall be notified within a maximum period of 48 hours from receipt of goods. No claim may entitle the Buyer to delay or suspend the payment terms.


    Retention of title. The merchandise sold is owned by ADO until full payment. Therefore, until full payment is made to the price of capital and accessories, the goods delivered, wherever they are and even if they were resold by the Buyer, remain sole and exclusive property of ADO. Checks, bills and granting of credits do not constitute payment until the time of actual receipt. If products were not paid, ADO may take new position of sales, wherever the products are. The Buyer is obliged to report the names of the parties who have purchased the products and ADO will be entitled to claim rights and to withdraw the products.


    Payment Terms. All payments must be made exclusively to ADO, within the time limits and according to the guidelines set in the invoice, always in accordance with the new law of July 7, 2010 Law 15/2010 on Measures against late payment in commercial transactions.

    FACULTY RESOLUTIONS AND SUSPENSION OF EXECUTION: the delay of even just one payment entitles ADO to the right to suspend - even without prior notice- the implementation / delivery order as well as to waive any contract in progress, even if the other orders are not affected by the delay, without the Buyer being entitled to seek compensation of any sort. The delay in payments within the stipulated time frame also entitles ADO to subordinate other deliveries to the full payment of the due amount with interest and other amounts receivable, because the Buyer loses the benefit of the possibility to pay the future amounts by instalments, unless he can provide credible assurances and financial guarantees.

    COMPENSATION: not supported, unless otherwise stated in writing. Under no circumstances there will be compensation from ADO for any Buyer’s credits and debts arising, whether incidental or consequential, from the sales contract.


    Patents, trademarks and identifying elements.The Buyer knows that ADO products are protected by patents, know-how and industrial property design, exclusive of ADO. The Buyer cannot violate those rights removing, deleting or altering in any way the brand or other identification or initials in any ADO products. Reproduction in any form or use of the mark ADO or of any other identifying element present in the products is strictly forbidden.


    Termination clause. In case of non-payment, the sale may be cancelled at any time by a simple written communication sent by ADO to the Buyer, enforcing this clause without any further legal formality. Goods delivered and not paid shall b e returned to ADO at the expense of the Buyer. To this end, ADO and the transportation company will be entitled to terminate the contract and collect the unpaid merchandise from the Buyer’s premises.


    Spanish law and jurisdiction. For any dispute arising in the execution of the contract the parties agree to the application of Spanish law, and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Badalona, waiving their own jurisdiction.

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    Ado, we reserve the right to change product specifications without notice. Copyright 2002, All Rights Reserved.

    logo ado

    33 Acer St. 08915 Badalona. Spain
    173 Indústria St. 08025 Barcelona. Spain

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    Ado, we reserve the right to change product specifications without notice. Copyright 2002, All Rights Reserved.