Decorative panel in Corten with LED lighting

Transform your space with our decoration panels, ideal for both outdoors and indoors. We design custom panels with a variety of pattern and finish options to perfectly fit your style.

In addition, we offer complete solutions, such as interior boxes with built-in LED system and easy access through the Ado front opening and closing system. Our panels can also be sealed with translucent methacrylate and the LED lighting system is customized to your needs. Create a unique and bright atmosphere with our decorative panels! βœ¨πŸ’‘

Barcino Model Railing at the Bac de Roda School: Safety and Well-being in Barcelona

When it comes to child safety, precautions are essential. The Bac de Roda School in Barcelona has prioritized safety when installing the Barcino urban railings. These railings not only meet safety standards, but also add a touch of elegance to the school environment.
Barcino railings feature a solid handrail frame and solid round bars that offer exceptional strength. In addition, they comply with the regulations for separating bars to prevent possible accidents, providing peace of mind to parents and educators. They are built with solid materials that guarantee their durability over time.

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