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Installation of flexible bollards model A-Resist, colour black, in Barcelona. These bollards were installed in order to demarcate the pedestrian area next to the road, to ensure pedestrians safety.

Flexible bollards A-Resist DT at Torre Agbar
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The innovative design conceived with a reinforcing plate enables our A-Resist B bollards to return to their original shape and position in case of impact.

Flexible A-Resist bollards installed in a parking lot in Glories (Barcelona)

Installation of both bollards model Tecora, (in stainless steel with a glossy finish and decorative matte stripe), and bicycle racks model Ari, to separate the cycle lane from the restaurant area.

These bollards are available both in glossy and matte finish, with a diameter of 90, 104 or 204, with one-meter height.

Joint bollards and bicycle racks to delimit the seafront.

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Speed Bumps Barcelona

5 Septiembre 2017

Speed bumps perfect for reducing vehicles speed and improve road traffic safety.
Speed bumps can be installed on roads, in parking lots, shopping centre, communities, residential areas…
Easy installation with bolts. Tongue and groove system included.
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Flower Planter in Masnou

4 Septiembre 2017

Flower planters made of galvanized steel plate lacquered with oxiron varnish, installed to decorate a square in Masnou.

Inferior part designed with legs, especially made to be easily lifted with a forklift or a pallet truck.


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Installation of an outdoor convex mirror and a flower planter, Recei model.

The mirror can be installed on a pole or directly on the wall by means of a support.

The flower planter Recei is manufactured with a lacquered iron or steel corten sheet, in a rectangular shape.

Ideal for outdoor use in pedestrian areas, parks and gardens.

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Urban Bollards installed in (Fòrum) Barcelona to protect the public spaces and the surrounding áreas of a shopping center.

Bollards with a simple and cylindrical shape, manufactured in galvanized iron.

Possibility of manufacturing them in corten imitation or steel thus avoiding to ruin the asthetic appearance of the urban space.
Urban bollards installed in (Fòrum) Barcelona

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As a company specialized in urban furniture, we are constantly looking for the development of new products that help keep cities clean, such as the Urban Dog urine collector: an ecological, clean, economic and solidary product.

There are several municipalities that have already opted for the installation of our system, designed to collect dogs’ urine in urban areas, thus reducing bad smells and cleaning problems in the city. In addition, with Urban Dog, compost is generated by taking advantage of the nutrients of the dogs’ urine, to reuse it in the parks and gardens of the municipality.

In this case, it was Azuequa, a municipality in Guadalajara, who decided to invest in our new products to keep its streets cleaner and free from bad smells and unpleasant stains.

Urine collectors that generate compost for green areas, installed in Azuqueca

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Installation of different flower planters in stainless steel, in the pedestrian streets of Masnou, to prevent the traffic of vehicles while ensuring a pleasant aesthetic appearance of the installation site.

These custom-made flower planters are ideal for those cases in which the roots of the trees protrude from the ground level, so they can be disguised.

Installation of custom-made stainless steel flower planters for a better aesthetics of the streets of Masnou

Installation of custom-made stainless steel flower planters for a better aesthetics of the streets of Masnou

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