Installation of road separators Tigre model to delimit and separate the parking area intended for the exclusive use for motorcycles.
The separators are made of rubber and offer great visibility due to their reflective bands. In addition, due to its dimensions and shape, they can be installed in any type of linear or curved path.

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Installation of custom security grills for doors and windows. The bars have a modern and minimalist design and are lacquered in iron gray oxiron.

Strengthen the security in your home without breaking the aesthetics of the facade is possible, since we can adapt our products to the needs and tastes of each client.

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Many jewelery and luxury stores use our security bollards to avoid frequent theft with vehicles. For example, here, the installation of 5 semi-automatic posts in front of the Rabat jewelery store of Serrano street in Madrid.

We have a wide variety of security bollards to avoid terrorist or vehicle attacks.

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Due to the increasing use of bicycles as a means of urban transport in Barcelona, more and more bike lanes are installed.

Our flexible A-Resist bollards and road separators are ideal for protecting cyclists and improving bike transport.

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Bollards with rod and chassis with hot-galvanized finish, which protects against corrosion and oxidation and thus reduces maintenance (painting adjustment).

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Totally customizable streetlights with a body of stainless steel and three sides with enlightened posters of low-power LED lights.

Being manufactures, we can adapt our streetlights to any field.


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Due to the fact that bicycles are more and more used as a means of transport and since bicycle lanes are more and more installed, our A-Resist bollard is the ideal product to protect the cyclists from the carriage.

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Retractable automatic bollards

12 Diciembre 2017

Automatic retractable bollards with a crown of light installed in La Pineda to restrict the access to a central pedestrian path.

The bollards turn on and off thanks to an automatic mechanism.

Specialized in security service and anti-vandalism.

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Last November, the Nike Factory Store located in the outlet of La Roca Village on the outskirts of Barcelona, implemented reforms to increase the security of its facilities.

For this purpose, our automatic retractable bollards were chosen, controlled by means of an access control station allowing the automatic bollards to descend to the ground in less than 3 seconds, giving way to authorized vehicles.

A total of 20 maximum security fixed posts surrounding the facilities were also installed, preventing the entry of thieves with vehicles into the facility.

Bollards at Nike Factory Store

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Bollards designed to guarantee safety at strategic entrances, in this occasion the entrance of La Maquinista shopping center in Barcelona.

These bollards meet the higher needs of controlling the entrances and of resisting to collisions.

Moreover they are very handy, since the automatic bollard descend to the ground in less than 3 seconds, by directing the bollard through remote controls, proximity cards, etc.

Safety retractable bollards at La Maquinista

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