Ado Urban Furniture
Street furniture and Road Signaling
Designed, engineered and manufactured
in Barcelona by Ado urban Furniture

Flexible orange Rad bollard

Introducing the new flexible post! Manufactured with highly flexible polyurethane plastic, this post is the perfect solution for durable and effective signage. The best part? In case of impact, it returns to its original position without being damaged.💪 ✨It features three high-visibility reflective tapes to ensure it’s always seen, even in the toughest conditions. Additionally, […]

Keeper Bicycle Maintenance Station

New self-repair bicycle station. Strategically located in public and private spaces, this station gathers all the tools you need to adjust or repair your bike in one convenient place. 🔧 Available tools: The Universal Keeper Bicycle Maintenance Station is suitable for any bike and features a bike stand with top round tubes for proper handling. […]

New installation of the Pitón Cycle lane separator

More sostenible and safer urban mobility. New installation of the Pitón Cycle lane separator, designed to offer great visibility and easily adapt to all types of urban roads, safe circulation for all road users. 🚲 The Pitón model enhances road safety thanks to its ergonomic and highly visible design. Its installation on urban streets and […]

Installation of Our A-Blen TT Bollards

Flexible Polyurethane A-Blen TT ø 80 Bollards  Installation of Our A-Blen TT Bollards. Our Flexible Polyurethane A-Blen TT ø 80 Bollards are the perfect solution for road, bike lane, and parking lot signage. Designed to offer simple and quick installation, this bollard is secured to the ground with a single screw, maintaining all the high-quality […]

Latest installation of the 6-meter BG

Manual Swing Barrier in Masnou Constructed with high-strength iron tubing and a bottom plate designed for easy ground fixation, this manual barrier ensures efficient and reliable access control in any environment. Whether regulating traffic in residential, commercial, or industrial areas, our BG Manual Swing Barrier offers a robust and durable solution that adapts to your […]

New installation of the multifuncional fountain EAU

New installation of the Urban Fountain Eau, an innovative and durable solution for water supply in public spaces. Made of galvanized iron and oven-baked lacquer, this fountain guarantees superior corrosion resistance, ensuring its longevity and impeccable aesthetics over time. Equipped with an adjustable push-button tap, our fountains are designed to provide controlled and efficient water […]

Discover the Eco Alba Urban Bench!

Eco Alba Urban Bench brilliant combination of comfort, sustainability, and style. Eco Alba Urban Bench manufactured with high-quality recycled polyethylene ♻, this bench not only offers exceptional durability but also contributes to environmental conservation. Perfect for a wide range of locations 📍, from parks and gardens to schools, town halls, urban developments, and homeowners’ associations, […]

Ares Modular Railing

New installation of continuous modular railing Ares. Our continuous modular railing Ares offers the perfect combination of aesthetics and durability, ensuring protection and resilience on walkways, balconies… Thanks to its easy installation and maintenance, it has become a popular choice. Ares modular railing features a versatile modular design adaptable to different spaces and customer needs. […]

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

We attended the Intertraffic Amsterdam mobility fair Last week, we attended Intertraffic Amsterdam at the mobility fair in Amsterdam. Four days where we showcased our flagship products and some of the latest additions to our catalog. Thanks to all the visitors for this experience Visit our website 🌐 to see different products. 💻 or […]

Loa colorful urban benches

Playful and sturdy design for a safe and appealing school environment What do you get when functionality meets creativity? The Loa colorful urban bench!Loa colorful urban benches, specifically designed for the little ones, it’s more than just a seat. It’s an invitation to imagination and fun in school settings. With its vibrant colors and special […]

Ado specializes in manufacturing and installing high-quality Urban Furniture. Our Badalona workshop creates a diverse range of products, including fixed, removable, and automatic bollards, trash cans, planters, fountains, benches, railings, speed humps, cones, and more. We prioritize customizing our products to meet our customers’ needs.

Urban furniture, or street furniture, comprises various objects and equipment strategically placed in public spaces for specific purposes. This category encompasses benches, urban railings, trash bins, traffic barriers, bollards, urban fountains, planters, scooter racks, road dividers, and others. Typically, municipalities and community groups install these elements. The quality of the design significantly impacts street safety, accessibility, and vandalism prevention. We offer a wide selection of exterior urban furniture products worldwide.

Since 1975, we have specialized in Urban Furniture installation. We have completed installations and assemblies for various entities, including municipalities, construction companies, and neighborhood communities. Our services include installing automatic bollards, access controls, benches, trash cans, urban fountains, fixed and removable bollards, security bollards, manual barriers, light beacons, road dividers, and urban railings, among other items. Our extensive track record underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients.