Ado Urban Furniture
Street furniture and Road Signaling
Designed, engineered and manufactured
in Barcelona by Ado urban Furniture

Discover the Loa bench with recycled plastic slats

recycled plastic bench

A sustainable and versatile alternative to our wooden Loa bench. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, the pursuit of sustainable solutions is paramount. That’s why we introduce the Loa bench with recycled plastic slats, an innovative option crafted with recycled plastic slats and iron legs, designed to seamlessly fit into a wide range of environments, […]

Barcelona safer with A-Flex DT flexible bollards

AFlex DT flexible bollard

Barcelona undergoes a transformation to enhance safety for cyclists and pedestrians through the installation of A-Flex DT flexible bollards. 🚴‍♂️🌆✨ From the iconic Sagrada Familia to the bustling Meridiana, we have elevated protection across many kilometers of the city with A-Flex DT flexible bollards. These bollards, featuring double milling and reflective strips, serve not only […]

Flexible bollards at Barcelona Airport

flexible bollard

Discover the versatile and durable solution for road safety in urban environments. At ADOSA, we have improved road safety at Barcelona airport with our ø 80 flexible bollards. These innovative bollards, equipped with double reflective strips and a 160×160 mm bottom plate, are ideal for areas that do not require embedding. Unmatched Resistance: After receiving […]

Expansion of custom railing at La Bòbila, Barcelona.

custom railing

Seamless Fusion in the Teixonera Neighborhood with Custom Railing. At La Bòbila factory in the Teixonera neighborhood, Barcelona, a custom railing was created to expand the existing perimeter with the same original style. Every detail was meticulously considered in dimensioning the stair and straight sections to create this enclosure extension. 🔩✨ We used iron with […]

Transforming Barcelona

Spaces for parking bicycles and scooters. Welcome to Barcelona’s new era of urban mobility, where sustainability and accessibility merge, creating a significant shift in how we navigate the city. In line with this commitment, Ado has been tasked with installing spaces for bicycle and scooter parking. 🌟🚲🛴🌳 These parking areas are built with a focus […]

Curvi Planters: Elegance and Versatility for Your Outdoor Space

Design, customization, and functionality in quality curvi cylindrical planters In our blog, we introduce you to Curvi Planters, an innovative solution to transform your outdoor spaces. These cylindrical planters are crafted from sheet iron, stainless steel, or corten steel curved by our rolling machines, ensuring their strength and durability in outdoor environments.🌷🎍🌿 Want to beautify […]

NEW Eco Alba Urban Benches

Discover the NEW Eco Alba Urban Benches, an ecological solution that is transforming the way we view urban furniture. These benches are designed with recycled polyethylene plastic, paving the way towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

A-Blen: Ideal protection for your urban environment

A-Blen: Ideal protection for your urban environment

Protect your environment with our flexible A-Blen polyurethane bollards, designed to withstand impacts and always stay upright. 💪🛡️

Barcino Model Railing at the Bac de Roda School: Safety and Well-being in Barcelona

Barcino Model Railing at the Bac de Roda School: Safety and Well-being in Barcelona

When it comes to child safety, precautions are essential. The Bac de Roda School in Barcelona has prioritized safety when installing the Barcino model railing. These railings not only meet safety standards, but also add a touch of elegance to the school environment.Barcino model railing feature a solid handrail frame and solid round bars that […]

Bicycle racks model Uve at the Barcelona Zoo

Bicycle racks model Uve at the Barcelona Zoo

New bike facility at the Barcelona Zoo with Bicycle racks model Uve. We are excited to introduce our Uve Model bicycle rack, now available at @zoobarcelona 🌳🦓 Your experience at the Barcelona Zoo is now even more sustainable-friendly. Come by bike and park in style at our new Uve Model bicycle rack! 🌍🚴‍♀️

Ado specializes in manufacturing and installing high-quality Urban Furniture. Our Badalona workshop creates a diverse range of products, including fixed, removable, and automatic bollards, trash cans, planters, fountains, benches, railings, speed humps, cones, and more. We prioritize customizing our products to meet our customers’ needs.

Urban furniture, or street furniture, comprises various objects and equipment strategically placed in public spaces for specific purposes. This category encompasses benches, urban railings, trash bins, traffic barriers, bollards, urban fountains, planters, scooter racks, road dividers, and others. Typically, municipalities and community groups install these elements. The quality of the design significantly impacts street safety, accessibility, and vandalism prevention. We offer a wide selection of exterior urban furniture products worldwide.

Since 1975, we have specialized in Urban Furniture installation. We have completed installations and assemblies for various entities, including municipalities, construction companies, and neighborhood communities. Our services include installing automatic bollards, access controls, benches, trash cans, urban fountains, fixed and removable bollards, security bollards, manual barriers, light beacons, road dividers, and urban railings, among other items. Our extensive track record underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients.