Ado Urban Furniture
Street furniture and Road Signaling
Designed, engineered and manufactured
in Barcelona by Ado urban Furniture

Innovation in Urban Furniture and Locksmithing

custom manufacters

Committed manufacturers dedicated to excellence in customizable products tailored to urban needs. ADO S.A., a company with over 44 years of experience in the construction and urban equipment sector, has been instrumental in enhancing and preserving our cities since its establishment in 1975. Specializing in urban equipment and public spaces, we have collaborated with entities […]

More about us

More about us

We have a wide variety of products on urban furniture, fences, road signs…

Welcome to ADO S.A., a company with over 44 years of experience in the construction sector, specializing in urban equipment and public spaces, with a strong commitment to enhancing and preserving our cities.

We collaborate with municipalities, county councils, airports, ports, sports facilities, service companies, and construction firms, among others, to provide solutions that make our cities more functional and secure.

Our team is dedicated to constant research and the development of innovative products that adapt to the evolving needs and technologies of the market. This allows us to offer the highest quality and service at highly competitive prices, with a wide range of possibilities. As manufacturers, we have the flexibility to adapt and customize our products to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Specializing in fencing, ironwork, stainless steel, aluminum, doors, automation, canopies, glass, as well as repairs, maintenance, and conservation of urban infrastructure. We are also leaders in preventive and corrective maintenance for stores, shopping centers, and banking entities.

Our design department has highly qualified personnel, and our R&D team is dedicated to constant research to enhance our products. This results in solutions such as sources for people with disabilities, luminous bollards as danger warning signs, children’s fences, anti-vandal metal benches, among others. As designers of our products, we prioritize design, quality, durability, and affordability.

We are a young and dynamic company that operates nationwide, allowing us to turn an idea into a quality, affordable design product. We manufacture custom urban furniture for both local and international clients, offering customized designs and standardized models based on the preferences of each market.

Our manufacturing is carried out with high-quality raw materials from our country and the European Union, following the strictest standards. We control the entire production process, from design to manufacturing and delivery of the final product, making us a reference provider committed to continuous improvement in quality and efficiency. We are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction. Contact us to bring your projects to life and make our cities a better place to live.