Ado Urban Furniture
Spanish manufacturers of automatic
bollards, benches, fountains,...
Urban furniture experts.
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Urban furnitureUrban furniture
Road signalization Road signalization
> Light bollards
> Flexible bollards
> Plastic crowd control barriers
> Convex mirrors
> Traffic cones
> Cones for police control
> Retractable cones bar
> Rubber speed bumps
> Portable speed bumps
> Speed cushions
> Cycle Lane Defenders
> Rubber cables protectors
> Trench cover
> Extensible fences
> Extendable tape posts
> Retractable tape separator
> Traffic lights
> Portable traffic light
> Solar road studs
> Wired roads studs
> Portable warning lights
> Traffic reflectors
> Traffic / Informative signs
> Plates street signs
> Photoluminescent signs
> Green zones signs
> Stop paddle
> Informative signs / totems
> Solar traffic signs
> Wireless solar traffic signs
> Adhesive reflective tapes
> Plastic tapes
> Anti-slip tapes
> Warning slippery floor sign
> Traffic signs with tripod
> Cones diffusers flashlights
> Warning lamps
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Ado is a company specalised in manufacturing and installation of road signalization (traffic lights, mirrors, speed bumps, road plates, plates street signs, light bollards, adhesive reflective tapes..).

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