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Home > Urban furniture > Flexible bollards > A-Eco semi flexible bollard


The A-Eco semi-flexible bollard is manufactured with a new plastic material that provides a limited flexibility: in the case of impact in their point of maximum flexibility, they return to their original position without any distortion; if this point of flexibility is exceeded, these bollards return to their original position with a possible distortion in their appearance. They don't break as conventional plastic, iron or cast iron bollards, thus making    them a very economical and durable solution.

This type of bollards is used to avoid possible damages to people and to get a better look of the installation site.

Its low cost makes it ideal for new installations and for the replacement of existing broken iron bollards.
As they have the same appearance of the A-Resist bollards, in the application they can be combined with each other, thus reducing the cost of installation.

a-eco bollard



a-resist flexible bollards

Reference Color


100% recyclable.
They have no varnish. They do not oxidize. They do not need maintenance.
Excellent resistance and flexibility to impacts at both high and low temperatures.
High resistance to oils, fats and numerous solvents.
High resistance to abrasions.
Aesthetically identical to the bollards made of metal.

a-eco bollards installeds

More information:

pdf Download A-Eco datasheet
pdf Download Installation exemple
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