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We produce a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic telescopic bollards. We dispose of a wide range of models of telescopic bollards, with the possibility to choose materials (iron, stainless steel, polypropylene, cast iron), finishes, millings, led light crowns, logos, security keys.

The bollards have different modes of use, for this reason we advise you to indicate the use, or why you need the bollard.

The telescopic bollards allow to protect, delimit and control the public or private environments.

  • Public: control of vehicles and pedestrians traffic, urban centers, pedestrian areas, lanes reserved to public services, ...
  • Private: parks, businesses, communities, industrial zones, banks, embassies, police headquarters, jewelers, shops, military bases, luxury stores, shopping centers, ...

Upon request, we can produce semi-automatic and automatic bollards according to the costumers needs, adapting them to all types of designs, dimensions and thickness that the client needs.

Automatic security bollard Corte Ingles
Automatic telescopic bollard with led lights
telescopic bollards manufacturers manufacturers iron semi automatic bollards porche automatic bollards manufacturers iron semi automatic bollards


The automatic bollard descends on the floor in less than 3 seconds (adjustable according to model and height), with the possibility to direct the bollard by remote controls, proximity cards, tags, keypads, time controls ... Leaving the road free and rising after the passage of the vehicle. The system of the bollard is very easy to use, and its applications are multiple. These bollards allow access to a private urbanization, a company, a street, or to respond to the needs of cities in terms of centralized technical management of a remote area.

See models and technical characteristics automatic bollards >>

automatic bollards


The semi-automatic bollards are recommended for those places where the passage of vehicles is less than 50 vehicles per day, bollards of easy operating by using a key to unlock the lock; once it is unlocked, the bollard automatically rises by means of a gas piston. Bollards recommended for all those places that do not require many daily openings, ideal for vandal protection.

See models and technical characteristics semi-automatic bollards >>

semi-automatic telescopic bollards


Security telescopic bollards anti-ram, designed to ensure the security of strategic accesses against “RAM-RAIDS”. The high security bollards meet the highest demands in terms of access control and resistance to impacts.

See models and technical characteristics security telescopic bollards >>

security telescopic bollards


Automatic or semi-automatic telescopic bollards, manufactured in iron, stainless steel or steel corten according to customers needs. Own manufacturing of the bollards, with the possibility to choose plate thickness, dimensions and shape.

See models and technical characteristics customized telescopic bollards>>

customized telescopic bollards


We adapt our automatic and semi-automatic telescopic bollards to ruined bollards bodies / existing chassis on site, thus avoiding expensive masonry work. The small dimensions of our chassis allow, practically, to adapt our bollards to all the ruined bollards bodies of the market.

See examples of bollards adapted to installations of other manufacturers >>

adaptation of telescopic bollards


Telescopic bollards inclined depending on the inclination or gap of the street. We are manufacturers and we can adapt our bollards to the inclination of the ground.

See models and technical specifications inclined bollards >>

inclined telescopic bollards


Dynamic Light Crown, ideal for all those places in which the client needs a highly decorative bollard, the crown allows changes of intensity and color (red, green, orange, blue, white, violet ...) according to the programming requested by client (eg. color changes every 10 minutes), with the possibility to combine fixed bollards with crown and automatic ones, thus obtaining visual and decorative effects that favor the safety and the design of the environment in which they are installed.

See models and technical specifications led light crowns >>

led light crown


We are manufacturers and we can customize all our bollards (telescopic semi-automatics, automatics, fold-down, retractable, fixed) with the crest, logo or text that the client needs.

See models and technical specifications customization and engravings of bollards >>

customization bollards


Access control posts manufactured in stove-lacquered iron, grey standard color, (other colors available) or stainless steel. Several models to choose with customized opening/closing systems and informative lights, depending on the needs of the client.

See models and technical specifications access control posts >>

access control post


Access control posts able to control different bollards centralizing all the management of these from a single application. Each bollard control may include different devices such as cameras, license plate readers, proximity or radio readers, and intercom systems. This software allows us to have control of each of the accesses, centralizing them in a single point. Avoiding redundancy of data and repetition of the creation of profiles at each control point.

See models and technical specifications centralization of access control for automatic bollards>>

centralizacion control accesos
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