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Home > Urban Furniture > Light bollards > Urban bollard with vertical leds


Urban light bollard with energy-saving leds, manufactured with a hot-dip galvanized steel, oxiron color, with a superior cap in stainless steel.

Led of 500 mm height situated vertically on the bollard body. Possibility of 1,2,3,4 led light strips (one for each bollard front). Possibility of choosing among different led colors for each bollard front, as well as different models and operating sequencies.
Bollard which provides a great lighting in the urban road, with a lower electrical cost.

Bollard ideal to light up urban roads, pedestrian areas, gardens, entrances, parks...

PURBANNLVB - Urban bollard oxiron grey with one white Led strip.
PURBANNLVB2 - Urban bollard oxiron grey with two white Led strips.
PURBANNLVR - Urban bollard oxiron grey with one red Led strip.
PURBANNLVR2 - Urban bollard oxiron grey with two red Led strips.

urban bollard with vertical leds installed urban bollard with vertical leds installed


  • Welded plate with holes for four metals bars.
  • Chain ring.
  • Customized logo.
  • Other led colors available (blu, green, amber,...)
  • Other colors and finishes available.

urban bollard with vertical leds

Diameter: 95 mm.
Height: 1000 mm.
Thickness: 3 mm.

urban bollard with vertical leds installed urban bollard with vertical leds installed urban bollard with vertical leds installed

  • Bollard plate ø 100 - Ref. SUPP
  • 1 ring per bollard - Ref. S1AP
  • 2 rings per bollard - Ref. S2AP
  • Galvanized chain ø 7,5 mm. - Ref. CD08012260
  • Brass lock 60 mm. steel arc - Ref. CNMCAD60










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