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Automatic gate Tonkawa, is a high transit control passage, with suitable dimensions for any surroundings or location. Its structure is built in stainless steel, offering high wear and tear resistance and its brushed satin finish makes it easy to combine with any predominant color in the area where it is going to be installed. All the units have an excellent functionality and low maintenance, make it especially suitable for controlling enclosures where there are large numbers of people present.

Tha automatic gate Tonkawa is commanded by a microcontroller that controls all the events in the equipment such as manage inputs and outputs signals, check the step counter or control the system security indicating any defect with acoustic and visual alarms. Besides, it can be updated to new functionalities adapting to the customer's necessities.

Controlled entry into the enclosure is operated via the closure of a circuit on the system control board; this can be done in different ways (card reader, push button, etc.). When the circuit receives the signal in a passage direction, it begins the motorized operational cycle by moving the panel towards the interior of the unit. Once the person has passed the panel, it closes again.

It is equipped with a safety system to avoid injuries.

The panels remain closed and only retract by moving to the sides and concealing themselves within the unit when they receive an access authorization signal from a reader or pushbutton. This allows one person to pass through, and they re-close via a photocell system when this has taken place.

If two persons try to pass through at the same time, the system emits an acoustic alarm signal to detect the intrusion.

As a safety measure, the unit is equipped with a photocells system that stops the panel from closing and hitting users while they are still in the passageway.


  • Bodywork manufactured in stainless steel sheet AISI-304 or AISI-316, 1.5 mm thick satin finish.
  • Removable side panels for access to the control circuits of the access gate, for the control system that is installed, and for fixing it to the floor.
  • Mechanism adapted to a certain operation, with a positioning and damping system of the panel, with a safety system in case of emergency. Process of the components and greased bearings are for life.
  • The electromechanical assembly consists of: motor, crown and worm gear speed reducer, greased for life. Direct transmission.
  • Electronic boards interconnecting to manage the equipment. Universal power range. Configuration of the main parameters of the equipment using switches.
  • Illuminated signage pictograms showing the operation of the passages.
  • Safety and control photocell system. Floor mounting using base plates fixed with screws and expansion anchors, supplied with the unit.
  • Concealable safety-glass sliding panels, 10 mm thick.


We have a technical department to provide service and advice in the facilities, we are manufacturers of all types of automatic gates.

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Ado, we reserve the right to change product specifications without notice. Copyright 2002, All Rights Reserved.