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    access control post bollard stainless steel finish
    access control post with intercomaccess control post for automatic bollards
    Bollard access control post

    Access control post made out of standard grey lacquered steel (other colours available) or stainless steel.

    Access control post with modern and elegant design, ideal for urbanised or rural places. Marked by innovative design and adjustable upper traffic light.

    Central part with opening-closing indicator (status lights), its opening system may be chosen among: proximity cards, key, numeric keyboards, remote controls, TAGs, etc....

    Its panel control can be customised adding the Municipality or Company logo.

    Bottom with large opening for an easier access to the control panel of the bollard, access controllers, remote control receiver, power supply box, meetal mass detectors, etc...

    Standard configuration:

    • Centralised Access Control System.
    • Proximity card reader.
    • Remote control receiver.
    • Two-Colors flashing LED traffic light.
    • Status lights.

    Other options on request.


    stainless steel urban controller post

    Ref. PCACCES02

    Access control post (no electronics) with LED traffic lights, in ordinary or stainless steel.

    Ref. PCACCES02

    Height:1500 mm.
    Width: 400x240 mm.

    Other measures on demand.


    • 2 Colors traffic light with visors.
      Ref. SF2CVPCACCES02
    • Traffic light supplement with vandal.
      Ref. SF2CPPACCES02
    • Traffic light protection supplement.
      Ref. PSEFPCA
    • Access control and card reader supplements.Ref.LCPCACCES02
    Detail of engraved logo dotted on post.

    Engraving logo detail on post.

    Detail of silk-screen printed logo on post.

    Screen printed logo detail on post.

    Detail of opening by means of intercom

    Intercom opening system detail.

    detail access control post with vandalism protection

    Access control post with vandal-resistant protection detail.
    Ref. SF2CPPACCES02


    access control post with license plate reader

    Ref. PCACCES04

    Access control post with LED traffic lights in ordinary or stainless steel. Elaborate-design led traffic lights manufactured with ø 220 mm AISI 304 stainless steel tube with the possibility of adding accessories inside such as license plate readers, numeric keypads, card readers.

    Posts with ideal design for installation wherever is required high-quality and elaborate products such as museums, embassies, etc...


    • Stainless steel. - Ref. PCACCES04
    • Lacquered steel. - Ref. PCACCES03
    Led light detail.

    Led traffic light detail.

    Detail of car plate reader.

    License plate reader detail.

    More information:

    Access control post specifications

    Technical features of the access control post


    • Centralised Access Control System (CAC) with up to 30 entrances and 3000 users.
    • Possible connection to card readers, keyboards, radio control receiver and long-range TAG readers. It allows the connection of peripheral devices on buses far up to 1 km.
    • Integrated reader, USB port and RS232 interface for continuous printing.
    • Programming via integrated keyboard or PC software.
    • Operation with and without a computer.
    • Possible setting of different access levels, 32 access groups, 30 scheduled hours of 2 slots each, antipassback and presence controls.
    • 12 Vdc power supply.

    Ref. CAE3000U

    Proximity card opening system: Reader

    card reader


    • Proximity card reader for CAE3000U panel control.
    • Card reader maximum range of 5 cm.
    • Card type 125 KHz.
    • Supply tension of 12 V. 2 relay outputs N/O and N/C.
    • Programmable output configuration for go/stop or impulses from 0 to 240 seconds.
    • 2 light indicators (red and green).
    • Entrance detection input and self-protection input.
    • Maximum cable length of 1 km.


    Proximity card opening system: Cards

    card reader


    • Contactless proximity card.
    • Frequency 125 KHz.
    • Possible design customization of the card.

    Ref. TGPEL

    villena cardcard

    Remote control opening system: Transmitter

    opening systems


    • Programmable transmitters with double technology (868 MHz + 13.56 MHz), 2 or 4 channels.
    • Nominal range of 100 m via radio and 5 cm via proximity.
    • Changeable high-safety code, 19 trillion combinations.

    Models according to size:

    • 55 x 30 x 10 mm. - Ref. MMA2C
    • 62 x 33 x 11 mm. - Ref. MA4C

    Proximity key opening system

    proximity ring key

    Passive key fob for proximity reader with transmission frequency of 125 KHz.

    Ref. LLPEL

    2 Colors LED traffic light

    leds traffic light


    • Power supply 24V ac-dc.
    • Consumption per hour (for each card) of 3 W.
    • Weight 2,7 kg.
    • Red-green Color.
    • Size: 180 mm wide, 290 mm deep, 410 mm high. ø 124 mm diameter.

    Ref. SFLE2

    Intercom for access control post

    kit interfono

    Intercom aluminium kit with a push button + phone.


    TAG opening system: Receiver

    sistema apertura larga distancia

    Ref. LTLA


    • Long-range active TAG reader for standalone applications or CAE3000U control panel.
    • 2’45 GHz operation frequency.
    • Adjustable radio range with directional antenna up to 20 meters.
    • Anti-collision mode in 50 TAGs, entrance and exit detection. Free and occupied counting zone.
    • Transmitter batteries supervision.
    • 4 relay outputs N/O and N/C.
    • Inputs for exit push button, magnetic contact for entrance and reader inhibition.
    • Integrated keyboard programming.
    • Power supply 12-24 V AC/DC.

    TAG opening system: Transmitter

    sistema apertura larga distancia



    • Active TAG for standalone applicationsand CAE3000U control panel.
    • Adjustable radio range with directional antenna up to 20 meters.
    • 1 interchangeable battery power supply.
    • Activation via mini switch.
    • Duarbility of 1 year.
    • Dashboard fixings incorporated.
    access control operation scheme


    We have a technical department to provide service and consultation on installations, we are manufacturers of access control posts for automatic retractable bollards or barriers in stainless steel. Consult our sale technicians for advice on the access control post that best suits your needs.

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    logo ado

    33 Acer St. 08915 Badalona. Spain
    c/ Indústria 173. 08025 Barcelona.

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    Ado, we reserve the right to change product specifications without notice. Copyright 2002, All Rights Reserved.