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Universo Max railings in Sant Joan Despí

Universo Max Modular Urban Railings, installed at the FC Sant Joan Despí – San Pancracio Football Field! Our railings are designed to offer maximum protection and durability in demanding urban environments. Constructed from high quality galvanised iron, these railings stand the test of time. The modular design of our railings allows for versatile installation and […]

Ares Modular Railing

New installation of continuous modular railing Ares. Our continuous modular railing Ares offers the perfect combination of aesthetics and durability, ensuring protection and resilience on walkways, balconies… Thanks to its easy installation and maintenance, it has become a popular choice. Ares modular railing features a versatile modular design adaptable to different spaces and customer needs. […]

Expansion of custom railing at La Bòbila, Barcelona.

custom railing

Seamless Fusion in the Teixonera Neighborhood with Custom Railing. At La Bòbila factory in the Teixonera neighborhood, Barcelona, a custom railing was created to expand the existing perimeter with the same original style. Every detail was meticulously considered in dimensioning the stair and straight sections to create this enclosure extension. 🔩✨ We used iron with […]

Transforming Barcelona

Spaces for parking bicycles and scooters. Welcome to Barcelona’s new era of urban mobility, where sustainability and accessibility merge, creating a significant shift in how we navigate the city. In line with this commitment, Ado has been tasked with installing spaces for bicycle and scooter parking. 🌟🚲🛴🌳 These parking areas are built with a focus […]

Galvanized steel railings in Sant Antoni, Barcelona

New improvements have arrived in Sant Antoni, Barcelona! In an ongoing effort to beautify our neighborhoods and ensure the safety of residents, we have recently installed galvanized steel railings in the green areas of the superblocks in Sant Antoni. In this article, we’ll tell you more about this exciting project that adds a modern and […]

Barcino Model Railing at the Bac de Roda School: Safety and Well-being in Barcelona

Barcino Model Railing at the Bac de Roda School: Safety and Well-being in Barcelona

When it comes to child safety, precautions are essential. The Bac de Roda School in Barcelona has prioritized safety when installing the Barcino model railing. These railings not only meet safety standards, but also add a touch of elegance to the school environment.Barcino model railing feature a solid handrail frame and solid round bars that […]

Yellowstone wooden fence in children’s playground

Yellowstone wooden fence in children’s playground

Installation of wooden fencing with Yellowstone model and metal mesh in a children’s playground to delimit space.

Zeus Railing Installed in Calafell

Zeus Railing Installed in Calafell

Installation of Zeus modular railing in white lacquer to embed in Calafell athletics track. Elegant and simple design ideal for delimiting spaces and preventing other users from entering the court while playing sports.

Railing to delimitate the tram lines

Railing to delimitate the tram lines

Modular railing Aspa model installed to protect the wayfarer who pass through the sidewalk of the tram lines in Barcelona.

Modular urban railings stand as crucial components in the organization of public and private spaces, serving an essential role in the demarcation of areas in streets, parks, schools, and residential areas. Our company excels as a specialized manufacturer in crafting versatile and functional modular urban railings. We offer a wide variety of materials at your disposal, including iron, stainless steel, wood, and others.

Thanks to our manufacturing and design capability, we can tailor our railings to meet the specific needs of each customer. Whether your project demands cast iron, stainless steel, cast aluminum, or perforated sheeting, we are ready to adapt to your unique requirements.

Our range encompasses various models that cater to our customers’ requirements, ensuring both safety and aesthetics in diverse urban environments.

Customization is one of our key strengths, and we are delighted to design tailor-made modular urban railings that align with your preferences and specific needs. We also provide flexible mounting options, from embedded railings to installation with metal anchors, in accordance with your project specifications.

We understand that making the right choice involves considering factors like location, vandal resistance, functionality, and available space. Hence, our team of experts is prepared to offer personalized guidance, ensuring you obtain modular urban railings that best suit your needs. Trust us to deliver quality solutions that seamlessly blend safety and design in your urban projects.