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in Barcelona by Ado urban Furniture
Published on: February 7, 2024

Discover the Loa bench with recycled plastic slats

A sustainable and versatile alternative to our wooden Loa bench.

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, the pursuit of sustainable solutions is paramount. That’s why we introduce the Loa bench with recycled plastic slats, an innovative option crafted with recycled plastic slats and iron legs, designed to seamlessly fit into a wide range of environments, from parks and gardens to urban developments and schools.

Comprising six recycled plastic slats, the Loa bench not only promotes material reuse but also offers durability and weather resistance. Its structure is meticulously designed, with “h”-shaped iron handrails and an additional plate to ensure slat stability. Additionally, it features armrests in the central part for added comfort.

The versatility of the Loa bench makes it an ideal choice for various locations, from municipalities and shopping centers to busy streets and squares. And if you prefer a design without central armrests, we can make that happen too!

As manufacturers, we are committed to meeting the specific needs of our customers.

Do you have a unique design in mind? We’ll bring it to life. With our expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we can customize benches to suit any requirement.

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