Ado Urban Furniture
Street furniture and Road Signaling
Designed, engineered and manufactured
in Barcelona by Ado urban Furniture
Published on: May 8, 2024

Discover the Eco Alba Urban Bench!

Eco Alba Urban Bench brilliant combination of comfort, sustainability, and style.

Eco Alba Urban Bench manufactured with high-quality recycled polyethylene ♻, this bench not only offers exceptional durability but also contributes to environmental conservation.

Perfect for a wide range of locations 📍, from parks and gardens to schools, town halls, urban developments, and homeowners’ associations, the Eco Alba Urban Bench is a versatile and elegant option to add comfort and style to any environment.

eco alba urban bench

The Eco Alba Urban Bench offers easy cleaning and maintenance 🛠, making it the perfect choice ✔ for public settings that require a practical and low-maintenance solution.

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