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Published on: April 10, 2024

Installation of A-Flex flexible bollards in Barcelona

Reinforcing Security in the Gardens of Doctor Fleming.

In an effort to strengthen road safety in Barcelona, a new installation of A-Flex flexible bollards has been carried out in the gardens of Doctor Fleming, near the Mercat Boqueria. These bollards have been strategically installed to control access to the private parking lot, providing an effective solution to regulate traffic and protect the surrounding area.

The technology behind these bollards is revolutionary. Developed by our research and development team, A-Flex flexible bollards represent a significant improvement over their predecessors. Thanks to an enhanced polyurethane formulation, these bollards offer superior quality and resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection in demanding urban environments.

The most impressive feature of A-Flex bollards is their ability to recover after an impact. With a flexion of up to 2000 cycles at 90º, these bollards return to their original shape and position without showing signs of damage or deformation. This exceptional durability makes them a virtually indestructible option for road safety.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond product manufacturing. We have a highly skilled technical team to provide service and guidance at every stage of installation. Furthermore, our bollards are backed by a wide range of technical certifications, ensuring compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.

If you are looking to improve safety in your area, do not hesitate to consult with our commercial experts. With models available in ø80 and ø100, we are ready to offer you the flexible bollard solution that best suits your specific needs.

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