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in Barcelona by Ado urban Furniture
Published on: March 6, 2024

Transforming streets with the Snake Road Separator

Cycling innovation for safer urban traffic

🚲 The Snake recycled material road divider redefines safety on urban streets.

What makes it so special?

🌆 This innovative design not only provides a safe ride for cyclists, but also adapts easily to any type of urban road. Its dimensions and shape allow it to be installed on curved routes, guaranteeing constant protection.

🛡️ This road divider, specially designed for cycle paths, acts as a physical barrier between cyclists and vehicles, significantly reducing the risk of accidents in congested urban areas.

An outstanding feature of the Snake Road Separator is its gently sloping sidewall, designed to minimise the impact in the event of a collision, providing additional protection for cyclists.

🔄 The Snake’s monobloc design ensures exceptional impact resistance, while its two white stripes provide optimal visibility in all weather conditions.

🔧 Ease of installation is another highlight of this road divider. With its quick and simple mounting system using metal dowels, the Snake is quick and easy to install, making it an ideal solution for urban infrastructure projects of any size.

Whether in monoblock or straight sections, this road separator adapts to the needs of any urban project, offering a comprehensive solution for safer and more efficient circulation.

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