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Published on: April 15, 2024

Loa colorful urban benches

Playful and sturdy design for a safe and appealing school environment

What do you get when functionality meets creativity?
The Loa colorful urban bench!
Loa colorful urban benches, specifically designed for the little ones, it’s more than just a seat. It’s an invitation to imagination and fun in school settings. With its vibrant colors and special finish, this bench becomes the perfect companion for any playground.

The Loa urban bench is designed with safety and durability in mind. Its six tropical wood slats provide strength and comfort, while the “h”-shaped iron structure ensures stability and sturdiness. Plus, with the option to customize the design according to customer needs, this bench fits perfectly into any space.

As manufacturers, we take pride in offering innovative solutions to create more attractive and functional school environments. Looking for a bench that suits your specific needs? Look no further! Contact us and discover how we can bring your ideas to life.

Visit our website 🌐 to see different models tailored to your needs. 💻 or 📱934 56 03 03.

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