Flexible bollards bicycle lane in Barcelona

Due to the fact that bicycles are more and more used as a means of transport and since bicycle lanes are more and more installed, our A-Resist bollard is the ideal product to protect the cyclists from the carriage.

Flexible bollards bicycle lane

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Retractable automatic bollards

Automatic retractable bollards with a crown of light installed in La Pineda to restrict the access to a central pedestrian path.

The bollards turn on and off thanks to an automatic mechanism.

Specialized in security service and anti-vandalism.

Retractable automatic bollards

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Security bollards at Nike Factory Store

Last November, the Nike Factory Store located in the outlet of La Roca Village on the outskirts of Barcelona, implemented reforms to increase the security of its facilities.

For this purpose, our automatic retractable bollards were chosen, controlled by means of an access control station allowing the automatic bollards to descend to the ground in less than 3 seconds, giving way to authorized vehicles.

A total of 20 maximum security fixed posts surrounding the facilities were also installed, preventing the entry of thieves with vehicles into the facility.

Bollards at Nike Factory Store

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Safety retractable bollards at La Maquinista

Bollards designed to guarantee safety at strategic entrances, in this occasion the entrance of La Maquinista shopping center in Barcelona.

These bollards meet the higher needs of controlling the entrances and of resisting to collisions.

Moreover they are very handy, since the automatic bollard descend to the ground in less than 3 seconds, by directing the bollard through remote controls, proximity cards, etc.

Safety retractable bollards at La Maquinista

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Custom-made locksmith ZF in galvanized iron

Galvanized custom-made locksmith ZF located in the harbor of Premià de Mar to delimitate and protect the zone of the boathouse belonging to V de Bravado from the rest of the harbor.

Different finishes and dimensions: black iron, galvanized, painted or lacquered in any color selected.

Galvanized barrier ZF located in Varadero of Premià de Mar

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High resistance flexible bollards

Flexible A-Resist Ado Bollards are characterized by returning to their original shape and position after impact.

In this case they are installed to delimit the tracks of the tramway as much as the sidewalk of the road. Protecting pedestrians from walking on the sidewalk and preventing cars from moving to tram tracks..

A-Resist flexible bollards installed in Diagonal del Mar in Barcelona

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