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chelsea semiautomatic telescopic bollard

Upper-middle range hydraulic automatic telescopic bollards, ideal for places which require impact high-resistance.

Automatic bollards built with a tubular structure(rod), in AISI 304 stainless steel. The chassis is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, hydraulic motor, box caisson made of galvanized steel.

Semi automatic bollards are perfect for town halls, consulates, banks, shopping centres, luxury shops, ...

chelsea semiautomatic bollards models
Reference Diameter Thickness Rod Height
PEMCH120X500 ø 114 mm. 3 mm. 500 mm.
PEMCH220X500 ø 220 mm. 3,7 mm. 500 mm.
PEMCH120X750 ø 114 mm. 3 mm. 750 mm.
PEMCH220X750 ø 220 mm. 3,7 mm. 750 mm.


  • High quality gas piston drive system that allows the bollard to emerge after unlocking the anchoring mechanism.
  • Opening and closing: it has a hole through which the lock can be accessed, thus unlocking the opening and closing mechanism. Lock bar constructed of stainless steel. Thus avoiding any type of wear and corrosion thus guaranteeing a long durability and perfect operation. When the upper part of the bollard is pressed, it descends, locking itself automatically once its journey is completed.
  • By inserting and turning the supplied triangular key. The anchoring system is unlocked allowing the bollard to emerge again on its own and locking itself again in the high position.
  • Sliding bollard’s system through stainless steel interior guides with 4 mm thick located in the chassis itself.
  • Cover built from 8 mm thick plastic-coated iron with no overhang on the level of the roadway, engraved in anti-slip rings form and inner plastic ring for the correct sliding of the bollard, avoiding noises and chafing.
  • Chassis built of electrowelded high strength steel that has sliding rails to ensure the perfect alignment and concentricity of the bollard.
  • Small installation depth.
  • Installation of a lost casing. It allows the replacement of the bollard, once installed, without the need for civil works.
    Installation of a lost casing
  • Minimum preventive maintenance.

Semiautomatic bollard that fulfil with CE policies.

normativa ce
chelsea bollards


  • Customized logo, emblem or text (dotted micro, laser or acid).
  • Special designs (according to customer needs).
Emblem, logo or text customization

Emblem, logo or text customization

Bespoken telescopic bollards

Bespoken telescopic bollards


  • Led ring 360º. with several colors to choose (RGB).
  • Gradient bollard construction according to slope or street level.
  • Reflective tapes without stem milling.
  • Additional Level 3 reflective tapes.
  • Lower cover of stainless steel AISI 304 (on request AISI 316).
  • Protection cover for security lock.
  • Car wheel anti-theft type security key.
Vertical milling

Reflective tapes
without stem milling

Extra milling

Additional reflective tapes

Car wheel anti-theft type security key

Car wheel anti-theft type security key

Stainless steel chassis cover

Stainless steel chassis cover

Corten steel

Corten steel

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We have a technical department to provide service and support in the facilities. We are manufacturers and installers of automatic and semi-automatic bollards. Our bollards are shipped with an easy-to-install kit and assembly instructions.

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Upon request, we can manufacture semi-automatic and automatic bollards according to customer needs, adapting to all types of designs, measurements and thicknesses that the customer needs.

Consult with our commercial technicians so they can advise you on the semiautomatic bollards that best suit your needs.

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c/ Indústria 173. 08025 Barcelona.

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Ado, we reserve the right to change product specifications without notice. Copyright 2002, All Rights Reserved.